Agreements and  Certifications

EN9100 Version 2009
ISO 9001
TIG Welding according to AIR 0191 – 1TTiA1

Dassault Aviation :

-C04 Routing, laser cutting.
-C34 Raw material flow
-C36 Mechanical processing -Machining
-D31 Metal work -Forming
-E 04 Finishing (Tribofinishing- Edge breaking)
-F 07 Spot Welding
-F 08 Manual TIG welding
-G 05 Heat Treatment of aluminium alloys
-H 03 Preparing and degreasing prior to surface treatment baths
-I 11 Stainless steel passivation
-K 17 water-soluble paints applications
-Y 03 Supply
-Y 04 Control – Testing
-Y 23 Material receipt
-Z 01 Electrical conductivity
-Z 08 Hardness testing
-Z 25 Spray and electrostatic application sweating
-Z 27 Titanium sweating


“Genre 6” Provider
Laser Routing
Stainless steel passivation
Titanium stripping
Alodine 1200
Paint applications
Manual TIG welding
Spot Welding
Non-Destructive Penetrant Testing
Light alloys thermal treatment
Titanium stress-relief treatment
Structural riveting
Non structural bonding
Groupe Zodiac
Alodine 1200

Dassault teamment :

– Structural Riveting
– Thread inserts assembly