FREGATE AERO is clearly a modern company dedicated to developing all patterns of various metal types for structural use, such as aircraft fuselage, onboard electronic housings, tubular assemblies.

EFITAM become FREGATE AERO september 20th 2018


FREGATE AERO works closely with the customer to develop the right product: advising on the best technological solutions, helping optimize the design with sheet metal shaping, machining, surface treatment, assembly or combination of.

FREGATE AERO keeps in close touch with the customer throughout the whole product life cycle:  starting from materials and technological processes selection, through prototype design and testing till final product manufacturing. FREGATE AERO advises also the customer about solutions to generate costs savings and production capacity increase. Supplying spares for already-in-use products is another way for FREGATE AERO to maintain client relationship.

FREGATE AERO products are manufactured in France, by a company that specializes in processing material thanks to state-of-the-art systems and tools:
– Catia V5 and Solidworks for design and calculation
– 8-axis lathe/mill machining and 5-axis laser cutting
– digital-control sheet metal bending machine
– digital-control pipe bending machine
– robotic TIG welding
– chemical processing
– coating

Lean organization throughout production lines allows FREGATE AERO to optimize production cycles and to deliver the final product to the client in a JUST-IN-TIME manner.

FREGATE AERO has a wide network of industrial partners, ready to share their expertise and technologies according to EFITAM’s specifications.

FREGATE AERO’s catalog gathers over 14. 000 references (parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies) manufactured from a whole set of materials. Production batches range from 1 to 1000 pieces, in accordance to client’s needs.
FREGATE AERO’s policy in terms of personnel management is to put emphasis on long-term employment so as to encourage employees’ commitment to the enterprise.

FREGATE AERO has established a Quality Policy based on the highest standards: ISO 9001, EN9100, EADS and DASSAULT Aviation authorizations, Nuclear Authorization, NADCAP…

Welcome to a world that sets high-level standards and requires mastering technological complexity.